Kitty Ward             Young Living #1417534

Kitty Ward

Young Living #1417534

Why I love Young Living therapeutic essential oil!

I Was First Introduced To Essential Oils (Aromatherpy) And Herbs In France By My French Grandmother As A Child. Ever Since Then, I Have Been Using This Healing Modality For Many Many Years On Myself, Family Members, And My Students.

Later In Life I Started Up A Vibrant Herbal Business From 1989-2001. In The Field Of Growing And Selling Dried Herbs, Plants And Essential Oils In Winchester KY, named Kitty’s Herbs and Everlastings.

I Connected With The Communities Around KY, Traveling Around To County HomeMakers Clubs Giving Talks And Workshops On The Use Of Herbs And Essential Oils. Researched, Designed, And Built A Hertiage Herb Garden That Reflected What Our Pioneers Used Back In 1775 At Fort Boonesboro.

It Was In The Last 10 Years When I Lost My 30 Year Daughter To Cancer, And After Her Passing, I Was Searching Again For New resources for Help For My Sleep Issues, As I had that issue even back in my teens, I Fell Upon A Research Article About Essential Oil Blends For Grief. I Read About So Many Blends And Single Oils That Dealt With Grief, Anxiety And Depression And Sleep Apnea, With Proven Clinical Research To Back It Up on this website called Young Living. I Was Impressed With this Company That Cared About Their Customers Health. A Company That Goes Back To 1985 And Still Going Strong Said Something About The Quality Of The Oils And Loyality To It’s Users. I Related To That. I Was Hooked. The Proof Was In The Pudding. So I signed up with their Kit and have never looked back. In 2015 I enrolled to become a Certified Aromatherapist and another training to teach Aromatherapy. I will have to admit..I did search for other companies that Has less expensive oils and claimed to be better oils, and each time I was dissatified with the results I was not getting. Yes Young living is more expensive but you get what you pay for. This Company Spent Decades Conducting Clinical Research On The Ability Of Essential Oils And To Combat Disease And Improve Health.

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