What is a Sound Healing Therapy?

My Chakra Crystal Singing bowls and Gong

My Chakra Crystal Singing bowls and Gong

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Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks

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Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan Bowls




I Bring Sound Therapy, The Therapeutic Application Of Sound Frequencies And Vibrations To The Body And Mind Of A Person With The Intention Of Bringing Them Into A Better State Of Harmony, Balance, And Inner Peace.

My many Instruments that I use in my studio and treatment room Such As The Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Bio-Sonic Tuning forks And Hand Drum, Rain Sticks, Chimes, and many others Instruments Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Re-Balance And Tone The Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Bodies. The Vibrations Work At A Cellular Level To Help Repair The Damage Caused By Stress And Emotional Trauma and dis-ease in the body.

Although there are certain instruments used, there is no formula in sound healing as it is catered to each individual who seeks this particular healing modality. Through dialogue and open communication, safety and respect, the dialogue begins and the wisdom of the body brings forth the information needed for healing to take place.

Evendence shows That Continual Exposure To Stress In Our Busy Lives Leads To Chronic And Long Term Health Conditions. It Is Estimated That Over 80% Of GP Appointments Are Now Taken Up With Health Conditions That Are Directly Caused Or Exacerbated By Stress. 
Anxiety, Worry And Over Thinking All Have A Detrimental Effect On Our Health By Releasing Stress Hormones Such As Cortisol Into The Body And Eventually Lowering Our Immune System Leading To Physical And Mental Dis-Ease.

The Sounds Of The Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls And Gongs , Along With Other Beautiful Instruments Induce A Deep State Of Relaxation By Allowing Your Brain To Drop Down From The Wide Awake Beta State Of Consciousness Into The More Meditative Alpha And Theta States Of Consciousness. (Simmilar To A Mild State Of Hypnosis). It Allows You To Come Out Of Your Busy Mind Chatter And Connect Back To Your Heart Centre Where We Begin To Align With Our Inner Wisdom And Intuition. 

Being In The Slower Brainwave Frequencies Of Alpha And Theta Is Scientifically Proven To Help Restore A Sense Of Balance And Inner Peace Which You Can Take Forward With You Into Your Everyday Life. 
Alpha And Theta States Of Consciousness Are Also Helpful To Facilitate Positive Thoughts And Feelings Offering The Opportunity Of Self Healing And Re-Wiring Any Unhelpful Thought Patterns Into More Constructive And Positive Ones.

The Positive Effects Of Regular Meditation And Quietening The Mind Are Very Well Researched And Documented - But Many People Find It Difficult To Switch Off The Mental Mind Chatter.

Sound Baths Help People Who Struggle To Meditate By Giving Our Mind Something To Do While Our Body Relaxes. 
The Mind Can Focus On The Sounds Being Played And Yet Because There Is No Set Melody Or Pattern For The Analytical Mind To Follow, It Tends To Become A Little Hypnotised And Stops Over Thinking.

This Then Allows The More Creative, Expressive And Intuitive Parts Of The Brain To Light Up And Enjoy The Experience.Instruments used in sound healing help the regulate and calm the nervous system, boost energy, let go of energetic blockages, and release emotions in order to facilitate the healing process that is inherent in all of us.

Clients Often Talk Of Lucid Dreams, Inner Mind Images And A Feeling Of Complete Bliss And Surrender During A Sound Session. Some Have Profound Spiritual Experiences And Feel Deeply Connected To God/ Divine Life Source. It Is Also Not Unusual For Answers And Creative Solutions To Problems That Have Been Bothering You To Suddenly Pop Up From Your Subconscious And Give You Deeper Insight Into What Is Really Going On. Sound Baths Can Also Fire People's Creativity And Inspire New Ideas. Artists Report A Stimulation Of Inspiration And Artistic Expression.

Sound Healing operates from the principle of resonance, vibration, and a body-mind integrated approach to wellness. We are in constant motion through our breath, heartbeat, blood flow, and cellular movement. Through entrainment of bio-rhythms, the sound healer "tunes in" to each person with whom they work, learning from the wisdom of the body where tension is being held and how to release it.

Kitty is Certified as a Sound Healing Thearpist.


I Had Never Expericenced Reiki & Crystal Healing Or Singing Bowls Before I Joined Ageless Yoga 5 Years Ago. Those Have Become My Favorite & Most Special Aspects Of The Studio, Which I Consider My Personal Meditation & Wellness Sources.I Am A Writer By Profession & Had Struggled With Writers Block Recently. It Was So Hard To Write And Create, Which Had Always Come Easily To Me. I Didn’t Enjoy The Writing Process Anymore & Was Thinking About Changing Careers. Then I Had Private Series Of Crystal/Reiki Sessions With Kitty And Everything Changed. She Cleared The Energy Blockages From My Chakras. The Words Started To Flow Again, & For The First Time In Years Writing Was Effortless & Fun Like It Used To Be. My Income Went Up Significally Because I Am Paid Per Article & Was Able To Write More Articles, Faster & More Joyfully Than Ever.

-Di Ricker