I do yoga; I didn't think I needed a Thai massage. I couldn't have been more wrong! I am addicted. Karen can stretch my muscles and tendons and move my every joint in ways that I never could. I feel completely wrung out and relaxed when she is done. I love a deep physical massage and this is the best!
-J. McPartlinVedic Thai Yoga

Can I give Karen LaFlair six stars? Or maybe a million? Yes, I think I can. Karen gets a one million star rating.
Silliness aside, I could not be more pleased with Karen’s Thai Bodywork. It has helped me on so many more levels than just “working out the knots”. Don’t get me wrong, I still love working out the knots and you definitely get that with Thai Bodywork, but it has helped me in so many more ways.

Being as active as I am, I run into a lot of pulled, sore muscles; a lot of strains and sprains. I also have past injuries, specifically, a knee reconstruction from a torn ACL and meniscus. In addition to all of that, I have dealt with terrible anxiety and panic attacks that were a result of being diagnosed with cancer in October 2013. Although I can confidently say that I am now “cancer free”, the anxiety is still there. Anyone who has experienced a panic attack knows the toll that it takes on the body. Thai Bodywork has helped me address all of this. It has helped me release and relax areas of the body that traditional massage therapy and yoga has not been able touch.
From the Metro Detroit area and looking for more than the “just work the knots out”? Are you looking to try something new that both feels amazing and does wonders for the body? Then schedule a Thai Bodywork session with Karen LaFlair. You won't regret it.




A message from the owner... What led me to teach Yoga is what I learned about how I was taking care of myself. I have had many situations in my life which have caused severe stress and I thought that the stress wasn't affecting me. It was Yoga that made me realize that it was affecting me more than I thought and the deterioration of the state of my health. When my daughter passed away from cancer, depression took over my life. I needed to find a method of dealing with depression and long standing issues of anxiety that was different from traditional medicine. Not only did I have stress pile up, now I had to deal with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I had practiced years before but life took me away from my practice. If you could call it that at that time. Yes, I practiced Yoga at a studio...But it wasn't a weekly commitment. Sometimes I would skip weeks..Yeah ok, months! But, this time around after my Dr. suggested I get back into it, my yoga practice and I found that it was helpful in dealing with my depression and anxiety, and a lifelong issue of insomnia as well. I noticed immediately a sense of peace and tranquility. Years back when I did practice, it wasn't the same..I think I was trying too hard and competing with my self and others in the class. Trying to keep up! But I what I did do was push my self to opening old injuries. The biggest of a long standing back issue of disc issues and my Morton's' Neuroma in both feet. So If you think that you can't do yoga! Think again....I had a very bad back problem and still deal with my Morton's Neuroma every day....Effected my balance on many levels...But if I hadn't gotten back to yoga when I did...the outcome would be worse. I am so thankful for my practice of Yoga and it saved my lfe! So getting back to my story here, The very first I noticed, I was able to cope and handle stress so much better. I started to listen to my body and my needs, not what everybody was doing in the class. Even though I was following along with the teacher. I wasn't going off and doing my thing....That's I when I noticed that my strength, flexibility, and concentration were beginning to improve. I was regaining my flexibility that I had in my earlier years. As I continued practicing Yoga again on a consistent weekly bases, I realized I was healing on so many levels with no medications at all. My back issue completely healed. That is when I knew then, at my age I was reversing health issues without meds! I wanted to help others help heal themselves. I became aware of how helpful Yoga is in dealing with certain illnesses. It truly is about the mind, body connection. It changed my life! I hope after reading my story it will change your too! Here are a few examples of the types of classes and why they work. For golfers, core strength, flexibility and balance are required to play consistently. All three diminish over time. As golfers age they lose their flexibly, have back issues, and their balance isn't as dependable. Golfers, just like Yogis, work in 3 planes of motion. There are no programs in Lexington specifically designed to help golfers improve their flexibility, balance, and core strength. Let's talk about our backs!!! Many people experience back care from time to time, whether this pain is severe and chronic or mild and short lived, it often causes misery and curtails everyday activities. The Yoga for Back Care class helps alleviate the symptoms and improve your condition so you can get more enjoyment out of living. Then there is cancer on the rise, I am currently working on my certification with Yoga for Cancer at Kripalu's Center for Yoga & Health with Tari Prinster. This class is the other main reason for opening this Yoga studio. This class is coming from my heart. This class is for the patients, survivors and the caregivers of this disease. Come join me and see what is possible with your life; learn how to breathe, stretch, strengthen, relax, restore, and bring a more peace to your world. No, I am not a thin, young yogi, but a yogi with past injuries, pre-yoga injuries, but I am passionate about helping others dealing with pain, stiffness and other issues in the body and can relate with what going on in your body. Let me guide and assist you with the poses in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere. My goal is when you are on your mat, you feel as if you are on an island, with no one to compete with or push you to do more; being your unique self as it was intended to be, just you and the present moment. Find out how and why, come join me!! This Studio is dedicated to my daughter, Nicole L. Anderson who passed away in 2010 from cancer.

Karen is AMAZING! Her Thai Yoga was exactly what I needed and have been looking for. Between all my running and yoga this session was the perfect solution for my tight shoulders and glutes that typically are the hardest for me to loosen up. I will definitely be scheduling another session in the near future! Highly recommend for anyone who is having any nagging issues or simply just want to feel better.
-E. Thomas

Karen's Thai Yoga is amazing – she has changed my life by helping to restore my physical body from decades of overuse and neglect.  And her healing touch provides a deep relaxation experience that releases negative emotional blockages. We discover something new each time. -Tom C.

A person demonstrating Thai yoga bodywork in Lexington, KY

Last week I had a truly beautiful, moving and therapeutic Thai Yoga session with Karen LaFlair! Karen is not only a talented Yogi but a beautiful Bodyworker! She created an environment that was welcoming, safe and energetically perfect to do the work we needed to do. Karen's intention and attention from the moment I entered the space was focused, intelligent and supportive! I am a Bodyworker of a complimentary modality and can attest both professionally and personally that her work is impeccable. I was honored to receive her gift and looking forward to our next session. Thank You Karen!!

Vedic Thai Body Work

2,500 years ago a dynamic bodywork therapy based upon yoga and Ayurveda practices, appeared in the temples of Thailand. This therapeutic art was directly rooted in the Indian healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. The father founder of Thai Yoga Massage, Jivaka Kumarbhaccha was a renowned doctor and yogi, he treated the Buddha, among others. After the Buddha’s death, the earliest Buddhist monks travelled to Southeast Asia and were accompanied by Ayurvedic doctors. These doctors practiced a healing art, that would later evolve into traditional Thai Massage.

In this unique healing system of Thai Yoga Bodywork, also called Nuad Boran, the practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

Thai Yoga bodywork techniques incorporate stretching, palming, and pressure points over the entire body. The ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly therapeutic. Our specialized experience in Thai Yoga bodywork relieves muscle pain and tension resulting in you feeling completely restored and rejuvenated.

Thai Yoga bodywork is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility.

1 hour session~ $85.00.  

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Please email to set up a session with Karen at: info@agelessyogastudio.com  

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Thai Yoga Bodywork in Lexington, KY