Ageless Yoga Student Testimonials

I release angry thoughts and feelings.    I release thoughts of worry.    I'm grateful for my many blessings.    I practice expanding my consciousness.    I'm gentle with all beings including myself.

I release angry thoughts and feelings.

I release thoughts of worry.

I'm grateful for my many blessings.

I practice expanding my consciousness.

I'm gentle with all beings including myself.

I had a private yoga lesson with Kitty on Thursday 4/4/19. It was a wonderful experience. Kitty is very good about finding out what your issues might be and how she can best help you. The yoga poses that she had me do were not too difficult and did not produce pain in my joints. I enjoyed the session so much and have two more private sessions scheduled.

—doris Thornton

I had never expericenced Reiki & Crystal Healing or Singing Bowls before I joined Ageless Yoga 5 years Ago. Those have become my favorite & most special aspects of the studio, which I consider my personal meditation & wellness sources.I am a writer by profession & had struggled with writers block recently. It was so hard to write and create, which had always come easily to me. I didn’t enjoy the writing process anymore & was thinking about changing careers. Then I had private series of crystal/Reiki sessions with Kitty and everything changed. She cleared the energy blockages from my chakras. The words started to flow again, & for the first time in years writing was effortless & fun like it used to be. My income went up significally because I am paid per article & was able to write more articles, faster & more joyfully than ever.

-Di Ricker

I was convinced that I was too out of shape, too inflexible, and had too many physical limitations (mostly arthritis and vertigo) to go anywhere near a yoga mat. My adult daughter found Kitty and insisted I go to just one session before writing off yoga. After speaking at length with Kitty, I scheduled a private session. It was so much more than I imagined. The session was perfectly tailored to my needs and limitations. Kitty is so patient and kind that I never felt like the uninitiated beginner that I am. I've already scheduled my next few sessions. As the saying goes, "Never say never."

-Marjorie G

I picked up bits of instruction on yoga over the years from friends in short informal sessions. It was helpful with my rheumatoid arthritis stiffness, but no one explained the "whys and wherefores" as thoroughly as Kitty does. I have practiced with Kitty for at least two years. She introduced me to Yin Yoga, one of the best practices to stretch my muscles I have tried. Yin and restorative practices such as using props to support poses are great for people like me with limited flexibility. 

- Cheryl C.F. 

Kitty's yoga sessions are wonderful! In a hectic, busy world, her studio is a peaceful haven that allows you to relax, mind and body. I always feel more at ease, mentally, physically, and emotionally afterward. Since I've started her classes, I am more flexible and am able to balance out the muscle tightness I get from running. She tailors the classes to your requests, which is very helpful. Highly recommend! 

-Elizabeth R.

Ageless Yoga studio is simply that—Ageless. The studio itself sets the mood—your journey begins walking up the steps, and then, you can sense you are in for a special time—no matter your mood when you enter. This atmosphere is complemented by the amazing yoga instructors—each providing a unique session guaranteed to leave you better than when you entered—whether that is a better mood, renewed energy, increased flexibility, increased strength, or renewed peacefulness within yourself.

I have practiced yoga for a few years, and also work as a Physical Therapist (with good anatomical knowledge and a love for being a PT)). What I truly love about Ageless Yoga is the yoga instructors have a mindful eye when it comes to correcting postures/techniques of clients to further improve their technique, which results in injury prevention and increased self-awareness (thus helping us challenge ourselves safely). In addition, the instructors demonstrate/explain poses with different modifications/levels of challenge enabling us students to do poses at our level of ability—which further improves our mood—because we are all able to participate fully in our yoga journey.

I personally have found yoga to be inspiring and introspective, enabling me to continue evolving as an individual on her own yoga journey through life. Ageless Yoga has helped me realize practicing yoga IS a continual journey—not just to work on one pose, or building/improving flexibility and strength, but to address also “inner soul searching and strengthening.” I am always “evolving and growing, blooming wherever I am planted”; I am forever grateful to Kitty (and Karen) at Ageless Yoga, and the other instructors I have been blessed to take classes with—-all of you have been a key part in helping me grow. Thank you so very much!

Thanks again, Kitty!

Love and blessings,

-Patti G.

Thank you for having such a beautiful, peaceful & welcoming Yoga Studio! I can always count on a great class at Ageless. It does not matter what type of day I am having, when I attend a class here, my day becomes zen perfect! Kitty has a kind spirit and it shows with how much she cares about every student. She is engaged with her classes; taking the time to walk around making adjustments. Kitty also does Reiki. Her sessions have always made such a positive difference in how I feel. :) Thank you Kitty for having a studio which is welcoming to all types of students in their yoga journey! I have a student of Ageless since 9/15/2015. Whether someone is brand new or has years of experience, your studio certainly offers a wealth of diverse classes. Definitely give this studio a try, you wont be disappointed! Namaste,

-Athena N

This is a wonderful, professional and peaceful place to learn yoga. Shortly after I began I discovered I had a serious medical condition and the diversity of classes allowed me to continue yoga as part of my complete restoration to health. I also did many Reiki sessions with Kitty to enhance my recovery. I am very grateful to this special place, recommend it to anyone of any age, ability and health status.

-Judi Jones-T

I have started and stopped countless yoga classes over the years...classes that were too crowded, too fast, too hot, and too intimidating (Headstands? Not happening!). I had pretty much decided that yoga wasn't for me...until I attended a class at Ageless Yoga. From the first email communication with Kitty to the class itself, I felt like I had found the perfect place to really practice yoga, for the first time in my life. Kitty took the time to learn about my experiences and my goals for my practice. The classes are small, and Kitty takes the time to walk around and make adjustments in her students' positions. I find her voice to be very soothing, and though I really work up a sweat in the classes I always leave with the feeling that I can look forward to a relaxing night of sleep.

-Kate S.

Kitty understands coming back from serious injuries, and the painstaking process involved in learning yoga...this is not a short learning curve with instant results; it IS a process that will benefit your life, if you are patient and committed. Kitty's encouragement is the true star here, and I know that I wouldn't have lasted the new member month if I hadn't talked with her first, because here's the thing: I heard about this studio from a friend who knows I ride horses and told me that there is a class for equestrians at Ageless Yoga on Tuesday nights. I was very excited about this class, and was ready to sign up. Kitty evaluated my level of strength and suggested that I hold off on the equestrian class until my strength improves by attending a more fundamental class. I'm so glad I listened, because I would have been out of my depth and quickly discouraged if I had jumped right in to the equestrian class. Now, my goal is not just to attend that class, but to know enough and have enough strength to be able to get something out of it, and not just keep up. I'm almost through with my new member month, and I will keep coming back because I'm already experiencing some terrific benefits from my practice. Namaste :-) 

- Kate S.

I've wondered about yoga for a while, but could never find a class that started as basically as "This is a yoga mat." Then I saw the absolute Beginning Yoga classes offered at Ageless Studios. The price was right and included a mat and eye pillow. I also worried about those stories of friends who were injured at a yoga class, but Kitty paid close attention to my form so that worry was reduced. 

Each class built on the last and by the end of six weeks, I had a grasp of what this Yoga thing is all about. Kitty stresses that Yoga is my own personal journey and the pose, the strength, the flexibility is about what _I_ can do. I am 66 years old. I do run and cross train but I'm hardly an athlete. Grace and flexibility? Ha! But at the end of each session, I feel relaxed and strong.

Kitty makes each class feel like she planned it just for me. The studio is clean and serene. And the best part is that I begin each class knowing that when I leave I will feel better than I have since I left the last class.

- Suzanne E.

I had my first Beginners Class tonight at Ageless Yoga and absolutely loved it! I can't wait to go back, I really think this is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

- Chasidi E.

I've been going to the beginner's classes for a little over 2 weeks now and I'm absolutely in love!!! Kitty is an amazing instructor and has the kindest spirit. I've tried yoga before (via DVD) but it is incomparable to having the peaceful environment at Ageless and an instructor who is caring, attentive & extremely helpful. If you've wanted to try yoga she offers an awesome $30 beginner's pass, for 30 days of unlimited yoga! Go for it, you will NOT be disappointed!

- Jerica N. 

I researched quite a few yoga studios before I decided upon Ageless. Kitty is a wonderful instructor! She takes the time to work with you to make sure you get the most out of your yoga practice. I highly recommend the yin yoga and restorative yoga class!  - Andrea B.