A message from the owner... What led me to teach Yoga is what I learned about how I was taking care of myself. I have had many situations in my life which have caused severe stress and I thought that the stress wasn't affecting me. It was Yoga that made me realize that it was affecting me more than I thought and the deterioration of the state of my health. When my daughter passed away from cancer, depression took over my life. I needed to find a method of dealing with depression and long standing issues of anxiety that was different from traditional medicine. Not only did I have stress pile up, now I had to deal with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I had practiced years before but life took me away from my practice. If you could call it that at that time. Yes, I practiced Yoga at a studio...But it wasn't a weekly commitment. Sometimes I would skip weeks..Yeah ok, months! But, this time around after my Dr. suggested I get back into it, my yoga practice and I found that it was helpful in dealing with my depression and anxiety, and a lifelong issue of insomnia as well. I noticed immediately a sense of peace and tranquility. Years back when I did practice, it wasn't the same..I think I was trying too hard and competing with my self and others in the class. Trying to keep up! But I what I did do was push my self to opening old injuries. The biggest of a long standing back issue of disc issues and my Morton's' Neuroma in both feet. So If you think that you can't do yoga! Think again....I had a very bad back problem and still deal with my Morton's Neuroma every day....Effected my balance on many levels...But if I hadn't gotten back to yoga when I did...the outcome would be worse. I am so thankful for my practice of Yoga and it saved my lfe! So getting back to my story here, The very first I noticed, I was able to cope and handle stress so much better. I started to listen to my body and my needs, not what everybody was doing in the class. Even though I was following along with the teacher. I wasn't going off and doing my thing....That's I when I noticed that my strength, flexibility, and concentration were beginning to improve. I was regaining my flexibility that I had in my earlier years. As I continued practicing Yoga again on a consistent weekly bases, I realized I was healing on so many levels with no medications at all. My back issue completely healed. That is when I knew then, at my age I was reversing health issues without meds! I wanted to help others help heal themselves. I became aware of how helpful Yoga is in dealing with certain illnesses. It truly is about the mind, body connection. It changed my life! I hope after reading my story it will change your too! Here are a few examples of the types of classes and why they work. For golfers, core strength, flexibility and balance are required to play consistently. All three diminish over time. As golfers age they lose their flexibly, have back issues, and their balance isn't as dependable. Golfers, just like Yogis, work in 3 planes of motion. There are no programs in Lexington specifically designed to help golfers improve their flexibility, balance, and core strength. Let's talk about our backs!!! Many people experience back care from time to time, whether this pain is severe and chronic or mild and short lived, it often causes misery and curtails everyday activities. The Yoga for Back Care class helps alleviate the symptoms and improve your condition so you can get more enjoyment out of living. Then there is cancer on the rise, I am currently working on my certification with Yoga for Cancer at Kripalu's Center for Yoga & Health with Tari Prinster. This class is the other main reason for opening this Yoga studio. This class is coming from my heart. This class is for the patients, survivors and the caregivers of this disease. Come join me and see what is possible with your life; learn how to breathe, stretch, strengthen, relax, restore, and bring a more peace to your world. No, I am not a thin, young yogi, but a yogi with past injuries, pre-yoga injuries, but I am passionate about helping others dealing with pain, stiffness and other issues in the body and can relate with what going on in your body. Let me guide and assist you with the poses in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere. My goal is when you are on your mat, you feel as if you are on an island, with no one to compete with or push you to do more; being your unique self as it was intended to be, just you and the present moment. Find out how and why, come join me!! This Studio is dedicated to my daughter, Nicole L. Anderson who passed away in 2010 from cancer.

Karen LaFlair, YT 200

Tori Hedden, YT

Cara Thomas, RYT is a freelance musician and yogini. She began practicing yoga asana in May of 2013. Her first teacher, Britteny Howell, introduced her to the practice over the course of several months of one-on-one sessions. After gaining some confidence with the postures, Cara was led to several studios in Lexington to continue deepening her yogic roots. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Matthew Higdon (Subtle Power Yoga) in January of 2016. She is absolutely thrilled to be a member of the Ageless Yoga team!
Cara has been fascinated with the idea of creating harmony through sound much of her life. Through the cathartic experience of yoga, she discovered that such resonance can also be found within our own multifaceted being. Cara has a special interest in rehabilitative yoga and yoga therapy as she became a practitioner after suffering from repetitive strain injury, scoliosis, and degeneration of the lumbar spine. Her Elemental Flow classes are designed with the intention of balancing the five basic elements - earth, fire, water, air, and space - through embodiment practices. Cara accepts all people where they are on their unique journey.

Karen La Flair, RYT states If there was a soundtrack to my life it would probably be the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  My family is slightly nomadic and home is where ever I am with people that make me feel connected to something bigger then myself.  Our nomadic life started in Atlanta where I received My RYT-200 from the fabulous Graham Fowler and Elizabeth Nix in 2007. My classes have a lingering flare from every state I have taught. I like to teach a challenging class where students can face fears, laugh, sweat, play, invert and grow into their full potential. 
My other massive love is Thai yoga - an assisted asana on a futon mat (think lazy mans yoga with the gift of deep compressions using hands, feet, and elbows). 
The rest of my time is spent with my two little monkeys,  my running shoes, and my slackline. 

Theresa Gilbert, RYT

 I have always been attracted to alternative methods of wellness.  However, I did not start practicing yoga until 2000 and it was in a gym setting.  I then went to Morocco on a yoga trip with a small group and a skilled yoga teacher.  We would practice at sunrise and sunset (with wonderful hikes, meals and sightseeing in between).  I was so inspired by the trip, but yoga opportunities in Lexington were a little limited at the time, so I continued practicing yoga at my gym.
 I eventually started practicing at home solo with Rodney Yee, etc. by way of dvds, until my best friend retired and moved back to Kentucky.  At that time, we enrolled in the yoga teacher training program at LHAA together.  Since completing that I have taught classes at Zen Station before becoming a teacher here at Ageless Yoga.  
In addition to being a yogini, I practice law and have completed the second level of Reiki training.  In my free time, I read, spend time with my cats, dog, koi, goldfish and live.

Roxanne’s practice began as she was seeking ways to reconnect with her Self and to improve her quality of living.   On the mat she discovered yogic techniques and began to incorporate them into her everyday living experiences.  With these tools, she developed many useful skills which have helped her in living a more authentic life.  

Roxanne began her first teacher training in 2015 at Lexington Healing Arts Academy; graduating from there as an RYT200.  As her interests grew, she began exploring additional trainings, hoping to learn other ways to be of service to others.  Her studies continued with Kyczy Hawk, author of Yoga and the 12 Step Path, to become SOAR certified; “Success Over Addictions and Relapse” focuses on teaching yoga for recovery, in order to help those struggling with addictions.  Her next certification was Yoga Nidra, studying with Krishna Peter Perry and Aiyana Athenian.  Most recently, she completed her 300YTT through the Essence of Yoga Center; graduating from there as an RYT500.  In the Spring of 2019 she will be traveling to India to study The Heart of Sound (Mantra, Nada, Kirtan, and Bhakti Yoga).  This is the first teacher training focused entirely on the power of sound.  She hopes to begin bringing the sounds of Yoga to her practice and her teachings. 

Her intention in teachings is to serve others by helping them connect to who they are and by guiding them to Self-discovery through Yoga.  Her intention in her practice is to keep practicing until her knee-jerk reaction is Love!

Kitty Ward, E-RYT, YACEP, RM, CCH

A bit about our Teachers

I am the owner and founder of Ageless Yoga Studio. I had practiced yoga in the past, until a tragic event in 2007 put a hold on my practice to take care of my daughter who was ill with cancer to later pass away.  After experiencing firsthand all of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a true yoga practice that I remembered in the past, I decided to retire as a designer and went back to school to train to become a yoga teacher.   It was at this point I knew I wanted to help others help heal themselves.  Through this life change I found out I felt at home and it was a true calling for me. Yoga changed and saved my life and I hope after reading my story it will change yours. These words and this studio are here to inspire you, help you find your community and home on your yoga mat and to regain control of your health.  Come join our community.  

  • 200 E-RYT Class of 2012 with Lexington Healing Arts Academy under the guidance of my teacher Amanda McMaine E-RYT 500
  • Certified Yoga for Golfers studied under Katherine Roberts, author of "Yoga for Golfers TM" and "Swing Flaws." 
  • Certified as a Connected Warriors Yoga teacher serving our vets and service members
  • Certified Reiki Master on the system of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho

           with Master Teacher (Shihan) Robert N. Fueston and Medicine Dream Healing with Master Teacher Vickie Young 

  • Certified with Omni Gym Global in Swing Aerial Yoga & Flying Fitness with Anthony Tone Cardenas PT, and Sharan Cardenas, RN, IYT
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Certification with Lion and Dragon Body Works 
  • Certification Thai Acupressure with Mr. Noam Tyroler School of Thai Acupressure and Thai Massage, world renowned teacher and author of Thai Acupressure for Orthopedic Disorders 
  • Certified Crystal Charkra Healer with Hibiscus Moon Academy
  • Certified Level 1 Foundation in Sound Healing with Sound Healing Academy, United Kingdom with Tony Nec
  • ​Certified Integrative Reflexology of Theory and Practice with Clair Marie Miller

Currently enrolled 2015-with the school of Essential Oils studies as a Certified Aromatherapist and Teacher Training with Aromahead Institute.

​Currently enrolled 2017- with the school of Chakra Mind & Body studies as a Certified Advanced Chakra Therapy with The Bodhi Yoga Center and White Mountain Yoga.

​Currently enrolled 2018 with the school of ShivaShaki School of Yoga and Healling Arts in the program of Nidra Yoga Teacher Training 
It is my passion to help others find in themselves what I believe, a system of holistic healing and transformation that requires more than dedication, persistence, and practice. Outside my Yoga Life it's spend with my amazing husband, or in my flower beds, collecting Asian Art and reading. My all time ongoing passion is going to markets and antique stores finding treasures and traveling abroad and spending time with our rescue dog named Winston.

Roxanne Luna, RYT

Cara Thomas, RYT

Tori Hedden, YT is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, in Special Education, which is my biggest passion in life besides yoga (and puppies). My yoga journey could only be described as a “whirlwind romance”; I tried my first class freshman year in an effort to combat the “freshman 15”, and absolutely fell in love with the practice and how it let me release the high levels of stress that come with being a student. I knew very early on that I wanted to teach yoga, but I was nervous and never could figure out when would be the right time for me. I am currently certified through FitTour, which is a fitness-based program.
My goal for each and every class that I teach is to provide a safe, encouraging environment where you can listen to your body and build a strong mind/body connection. As a teacher, the most worthwhile and gratifying moments are those when a student comes up to me at the end of class and says, “ I feel so much better” or “I didn’t even know I could do that!”
Outside of yoga, you can either find me studying or cuddling with my two dogs (children if you ask me) Gus and Xen. Yoga has become a space for me relax, de-stress and to practice self care, and I look forward to sharing those experiences and more with you!