Color: Green Sound: F    

Physical: Heart& Lungs  Element: Air

Who Shouldn’t Use the Inframat Pro?

As with any product, there are certain people who shouldn’t use Inframat Pro due to compromised immunity or other medical conditions. These persons/conditions include:

Pregnant Women
Vericose Veins
Open wounds or near thin skin
Bypass surgery
Pacemaker placement
Conditions requiring use of muscle relaxers
Use of blood thinners such as Coumadin
Decreased skin integrity or temperature sensitivity

One Hour Session $85.00 

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Color: Yellow 

Sound: E 

Physical: Muscular & Digestive System Element: Fire

Chakra Therapy in Clearing/Balancing Method

with Chakra Singing Bowls, InfraMat Pro and Tuning Forks

by Kitty Ward, E-RYT, RM, CCH 

Amethyst can increase your overall energy level and detoxify the body from drug and alcohol use, so the mat may be beneficial in treating addiction. Amethysts also help relieve joint pain and can improve memory and promote weight control. All stones in this mat provide a convenient way to increase negative ions in the body. These negative ions improve metabolism and immune system function and can even slow calcium and collagen breakdown. This mat may reduce stress by increasing levels of melatonin and serotonin, which are natural chemicals in the brain that promote well-being and restful feelings. 

Tourmaline is a semiprecious mineral that increases the potency of negative ions produced by the jade. Tourmaline is well known for expelling waste from the body, detoxifying the bloodstream, and aiding in fat loss. In addition, tourmaline reduces retention of water and increases blood circulation. The crushed amethysts in the mat further intensify the healing properties of jade and tourmaline. These stones also assist healing deeper within the body. The infrared rays produced by amethysts can penetrate up to six inches into the human body. 

What are Chakras? 

​Color: Green Sound: G Physical:

Throat, Shoulder, Neck, Ears  Element: Ether

Color: Red

Sound: C Physical: Bones Element: Earth 

​Color: Violet Sound: B Physical: Mind and upper Skull Element:  

Universal Energy 

​​The Chakras are energy centers (a vortex) that moves up and around our bodies. Stress, traumas and negative thinking patterns can block the flow of energy causing anxiety, depression and loss of vitality. Bringing balance to your charkas energies can improve the quality of your life spiritually, and physically by releasing stagnant energy and revitalizing these centers. 

How does it work?

​​This therapeutic session of rebalancing your chakras offers deep clearing of your energetic body. Using a specific essential oils for each chakra, crystal & brass singing bowls and tuning forks aligned with each certain chakra or energy field along with the crystal inframat,  Kitty assists in clearing blockages and restoring your balance so that your energy can flow freely again. 

Laying on a heated infrared amethyst/jade/tourmaline Boi Mat table the vibration of the sound healing tools as this treatment will continue to provide benefits to your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Jade is the most efficient gemstone in terms of heat absorption. Accordingly, the jade stones provide a relaxing warmth that immediately soothes acute aches and pains. Jade improves the immune system and is helpful for improving kidney ailments and stomach pain when used over time. When heated, jade produces negative ions, which optimize cell metabolism and cell repair. Jade’s energy is also said to promote good luck and the forming of close friendships. 

Enhance your crystal healing session by adding the use of a HealthyLine InfraMat Pro™.  A warming mat (up to 70° Celsius (160° Fahrenheit) ) filled with natural Amethyst crystals (over 6 pounds) + 30 natural Jade stones & 30 Tourmaline ceramic stones. Melt your stresses away with this ultimate relaxation experience. Fully Clothed on a luxury Reiki table in very soothing Zen Room.

​Color: Indigo Sound: A

Physical:EyesBase of Skull Element: Light

Color: Orange Sound: D Physical: Sexual Organs Element: Water 



A message from the owner... What led me to teach Yoga is what I learned about how I was taking care of myself. I have had many situations in my life which have caused severe stress and I thought that the stress wasn't affecting me. It was Yoga that made me realize that it was affecting me more than I thought and the deterioration of the state of my health. When my daughter passed away from cancer, depression took over my life. I needed to find a method of dealing with depression and long standing issues of anxiety that was different from traditional medicine. Not only did I have stress pile up, now I had to deal with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I had practiced years before but life took me away from my practice. If you could call it that at that time. Yes, I practiced Yoga at a studio...But it wasn't a weekly commitment. Sometimes I would skip weeks..Yeah ok, months! But, this time around after my Dr. suggested I get back into it, my yoga practice and I found that it was helpful in dealing with my depression and anxiety, and a lifelong issue of insomnia as well. I noticed immediately a sense of peace and tranquility. Years back when I did practice, it wasn't the same..I think I was trying too hard and competing with my self and others in the class. Trying to keep up! But I what I did do was push my self to opening old injuries. The biggest of a long standing back issue of disc issues and my Morton's' Neuroma in both feet. So If you think that you can't do yoga! Think again....I had a very bad back problem and still deal with my Morton's Neuroma every day....Effected my balance on many levels...But if I hadn't gotten back to yoga when I did...the outcome would be worse. I am so thankful for my practice of Yoga and it saved my lfe! So getting back to my story here, The very first I noticed, I was able to cope and handle stress so much better. I started to listen to my body and my needs, not what everybody was doing in the class. Even though I was following along with the teacher. I wasn't going off and doing my thing....That's I when I noticed that my strength, flexibility, and concentration were beginning to improve. I was regaining my flexibility that I had in my earlier years. As I continued practicing Yoga again on a consistent weekly bases, I realized I was healing on so many levels with no medications at all. My back issue completely healed. That is when I knew then, at my age I was reversing health issues without meds! I wanted to help others help heal themselves. I became aware of how helpful Yoga is in dealing with certain illnesses. It truly is about the mind, body connection. It changed my life! I hope after reading my story it will change your too! Here are a few examples of the types of classes and why they work. For golfers, core strength, flexibility and balance are required to play consistently. All three diminish over time. As golfers age they lose their flexibly, have back issues, and their balance isn't as dependable. Golfers, just like Yogis, work in 3 planes of motion. There are no programs in Lexington specifically designed to help golfers improve their flexibility, balance, and core strength. Let's talk about our backs!!! Many people experience back care from time to time, whether this pain is severe and chronic or mild and short lived, it often causes misery and curtails everyday activities. The Yoga for Back Care class helps alleviate the symptoms and improve your condition so you can get more enjoyment out of living. Then there is cancer on the rise, I am currently working on my certification with Yoga for Cancer at Kripalu's Center for Yoga & Health with Tari Prinster. This class is the other main reason for opening this Yoga studio. This class is coming from my heart. This class is for the patients, survivors and the caregivers of this disease. Come join me and see what is possible with your life; learn how to breathe, stretch, strengthen, relax, restore, and bring a more peace to your world. No, I am not a thin, young yogi, but a yogi with past injuries, pre-yoga injuries, but I am passionate about helping others dealing with pain, stiffness and other issues in the body and can relate with what going on in your body. Let me guide and assist you with the poses in a safe non-judgmental atmosphere. My goal is when you are on your mat, you feel as if you are on an island, with no one to compete with or push you to do more; being your unique self as it was intended to be, just you and the present moment. Find out how and why, come join me!! This Studio is dedicated to my daughter, Nicole L. Anderson who passed away in 2010 from cancer.

Far Infrared (FIR) therapy penetrates 4-6 inches through the body’s tissues to stimulate the circulatory system. The benefits include increased oxygen movement, decreased pain, inflammation, and stiffness, and decreased stress levels. FIR therapy promotes relaxation as well as giving off a sauna-like effect which can actually burn up to 900 calories during use.

Negative ion therapy increases collagen production within the body’s tissues promoting healthy skin and bones. Negative ion therapy also increases the permeability to cells which allows them to absorb nutrients more easily. This helps the body’s cells and tissues rejuvenate and heal from injury and illness. Negative ions have also been shown to help decreased the symptoms of depression and anxiety. They also help to decrease the overall acidity in the body as well as to counteract the damage from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that comes from cell phones and computers that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis.

Photon therapy is comprised of light particles that can help correct bio-magnetic imbalance in the body as well as help reduce blockages within the body’s systems. It has also been shown to help the cells breakdown and release stored up toxins, promoting better overall health. Photon therapy has been used for years as a non-medicine pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It has also been used to combat nerve damage from illness or accident.

What Are the Most Common Conditions Inframat Pro Helps?

Circulatory problems
Muscle, bone, and joint pain
Headaches, including migraine
Depression and Anxiety
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue
Breathing ailments such as COPD