My Favorite Essential Oils for Letting Go and banishing negativity, gloom and self-worth.


My Favorite Essential Oils for Letting Go

There are a few essential oils that are particularly useful for banishing negativity, gloominess, and lack of self-worth:

Angelica– protective and calming
Bergamot– helps you let go of anger, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, and fear. (This is my favorite oil by far to use)
Cedarwood– helps you overcome meekness
Frankincense– elevates and stimulates the mind. Helps you let go of approval and feelings of worthlessness
Geranium– helps you let go of wanting to please everyone
let go of panic, loneliness, and grief
let go of stress and habits that burn you out
for abandonment and atonement
also known as “heart’s delight”, Melissa is good for letting of self-limitations
enhances security and a sense of unconditional love
Roman chamomile–
helps you let go of irritability
Rose otto–
enhances spiritual focus. Helps you let go of depression
helps you release grief and sadness
helps calm overactive emotions. Strengthens independency
Ylang ylang–
illumination. Helps you face your fears

Kitty Ward